Thursday, 28 August 2014

Digital X ray for cat - Conducive for diseases found in cats

About us: 
The cat clinic displays an unrivaled dedication to the patrons by means of education and also through high quality drugs and facilities and above all managing empathetic care to cats. We are there to support you whenever you require our assistance as regard to your pet. In order to achieve our objectives we try to be familiar with you.If you have any advice or queries related with our clinic you can discuss with us regarding our amenities, rules and charges.

Digital x ray suitable for cats:
Our digitalx ray appliance is suitable for high quality images. Whether we are analyzing to see if your pet has any broken limbs or are observing into the chest of abdomen, this excellent tool permits us to diagnose any trouble your best friend may be facing. The doctors of Aurora cat clinic would assist you in taking care of your cat if you come to our clinic. Our aim at the clinic is to offer extraordinary services to the customers in safeguarding the cats from diseases. We at Aurora are deeply concerned and so medical as well as surgical care for cats is effective as to know the diseases.

Fees for the cat cure:
Aurora Cat Clinic is a complete facility hospital as regard to healthcare, surgical and diagnostic facilities. At Aurora Clinic our services include low cost spay or vaccinations. In difficult situations we understand that your cat is the foremost concern and we see that you get our best services at minimum rate as possible. Digital X rayfor cat certainly helps in observing the disease in the pet. When you visit our clinic, an estimate will be offered by you for your pet’s checkup. We will try to contact you if any kind of extra cost is involved. We request that the clients would offer us payment in advance. 

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